What is WPRI Media?

WPRI Media’s entire approach is consultative. We want to work with a business, partner with them and help them understand the best use of their advertising dollars. Our approach is simple – listen to your needs, define your potential market and apply the right marketing solutions to help grow your business through an effective marketing strategy. Advertising and marketing work, but they need to be done properly. We help businesses market themselves effectively.

WPRI Media is a Rhode Island based television and digital marketing group. Our products include television advertising, online display marketing, mobile advertising, search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO).

WPRI Media includes:

  • Four Local Broadcast Stations: WPRI Channel 12 (CBS), WNAC Fox Providence (FOX), CW Providence (CW) and myRITV
  • Two Digital Platforms: WPRI.com and RhodeShow.com
  • HFYN Local: Our industry leading digital service provider